Andy and Anna | Edgar House | Chester

I met Andy over three years ago when he and Anna lived next door to a friend of mine in Hoole. We would occasionally escape to the pub to ‘watch the football’. When our mutual friend moved house, we lost touch but when we bumped into each other at said friends babies naming ceremony, which I was shooting for him, Andy and Anna asked me whether I would be free to photograph their wedding. They were prepared to take a chance on me and let me shoot a wedding solo for the first time. I was elated, if a little nervous.

When the day came, the weeks glorious sunshine subsided and the dark clouds overhead looked ominous. We were however lucky enough to get some pockets of sunshine at just the right times.

I spent the morning with Anna and her family before meeting Andy and his Irish contingent in the pub for brunch. After a beautifully intimate service held at Chester Registry office the wedding party split in two. Half boarded the vintage bus provided, where as the rest followed the bride and groom for a stroll through Chester’s iconic rows before meeting at Edgar House, a hidden gem tucked into the cities Roman walls.

Edgar house provided excuisite views of the river despite the rain as the guests sheltered under the tent. The wedding party were in fine form, dancing away to the live music and enjoying the afternoon tea. The evening was held at a really special place for the bride and groom. Chester Rugby Club is where they met.

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