Andrea and David | Mitton Hall | Lancashire

This wedding was my first experience of working alongside my Brother and photography guru Stuart from Sands Photography. Stuart took the lead and took all of the posed pictures on this occasion whilst I was tasked with capturing more natural and candid style images of the happy couple and their guests.

Located up in the rolling hills of Lancashire, Mitton Hall is a beautiful venue, blessed with a raised view of the surrounding countryside. We were lucky to have a dry day, as much of the week had been a wash out and despite the winter chill in the air we were able to get some great pictures together. Below are some of the images that I captured on the day.

Sadly, the celebrations were cut short for Andrea and David as the groom was rushed off to hospital moments after his speech. He had only just been released after undergoing a serious operation and was put straight back under the knife. Fortunately he recovered well and all of his friends and family met up again to finish off the party in style. Stuart as well as others like the DJ and registrar offered their services for free to ensure that Andrea and David got the special day they had planned for.